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Creative Skills by Tutti

Q: What is Creative Skills?

A: Creative Skills is a brand new platform built by the founders of It is built with the simple goal of enabling artists to create through trying times. Creatives sign up and offer their skills. Anyone who wants to learn those skills, can get in touch with those creatives, and figure out an exchange that works for both parties, whether that involves money, or a skill share.

Q: Where is Creative Skills based?

A: Tutti’s team are based in all their individual homes in London (for now). But the hope with this service is to reach creatives worldwide.   

Q: Who is behind Creative Skills?

A: Creative Skills is being built by the team behind Tutti: Gabriel Isserlis, James Hunter, Hannah Fiddy, Jessica Horton, Arif Bharakda, and advised by Rekha Mehr MBE and Chris Howard.

Tutti was launched out of the Founder Institute, and is a startup member of the Rattle Collective

Q: Why does Creative Skills exist?

A: In mid March 2020 the creative world has been thrown into disarray with the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus. Our original marketplace at Tutti was about helping creatives find amazing spaces to do one key thing: create. As everyone is being forced to work from home, we’ve decided to find other ways to achieve the same goal. Our solution is a new marketplace that connects creative people with those who want to learn new ways to create, all over the world.

This marketplace is powered by Sharetribe. 

Creative Skills is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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